Google Maps adds new EV charger support

Google Maps makes it a little easier for EV drivers to find chargers in their community.

In the current version of Google Maps, the app does not differentiate between types of chargers when you type in EV chargers.

Users could arrive at a Level 2 or DC fast charger without knowing.

The new Google Maps update will help eliminate this issue and provide users with a better overall EV experience.

The new update, which is rolling out this week, will allow users to filter by specific chargers.

The filter feature allows you to look for chargers at 50 kw+, 100 kw+ or even 250 kw+.

Much like the traffic updates we have seen from the company, the new update provides real-time data, which is a true game changer.

The new update provides three main features for EV users:

  • Ability to filter by charging speed
  • Real-time information about the availability of charging ports
  • Kilo-watt rating of the charger
  • Ability to filter by plug type (J1772, CCS, Type 2, CHAdeMo and Tesla)

You can check out some of the screenshots down below.

This, combined with the updates we saw earlier this year for optimized routing for EVs, differentiates Google Maps from other options in the ultra-competitive mapping space.

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