FSD Beta V11 arrives moving to single stack for city and highway driving [Release Notes]

Tesla has started rolling out the latest version of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software, finally moving up to the elusive version 11.

FSD Beta v11 is a significant update as Musk has previously said it will be this version that transitions the software to be on a single stack, where both city and highway driving are using the FSD Beta neural nets to drive.

According to Musk the rollout began at 11:11pm PST on Friday night.

While Musk didn’t confirm if FSD Beta 11 was moving to a single stack, the release notes posted by one of the early testers on Saturday morning have confirmed this to be the case.

“This [version] unifies the vision and planning stack on and off-highway and replaces the legacy highway stack, which is over four years old.”

“FSD Beta’s multi-camera video networks and next-gen planner, that allows for more complex agent interactions with less reliance on lanes, make way for adding more intelligent behaviours, smoother control and better decision making.”

In more good news for testers FSD Beta V11 is on the most recent 2022.40 branch of software update meaning testers will move from the 2022.20 branch and receive all the latest features.

We are not sure when the broader rollout will start, but we know that Tesla generally will roll out to employees first and then if no significant bugs are found it will be deployed to members of the FSD Beta program.

During Tesla’s Q3 2022 earnings call, Musk mentioned that the company plans to implement a wider release of FSD by the end of the year.

He said:

So, this quarter, we expect a wide release of full self-driving Beta in North America. Anyone who has ordered Full Self Driving will have access to the FSD Beta program this year, probably about a month from now. So — and then obviously — anyone who buys a car and purchases the Full Self Driving option will immediately have that available.

Here are the release notes for 2022.40.5. Only the first page has been posted online so far, we will update as more becomes available.

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