Google Maps may soon improve functionality for EV drivers in future update

If you’ve ever used Google Maps to look for charging stations near you, you will probably know that you still need to use the charging station app to pay for your charging session. Google Maps does not currently allow you to do so, so it becomes a fragmented user experience, which ends up with users simply avoid using Google Maps to find charging stations and stick to the providers’ app.

But that may soon change, with recent changes in Google Maps source code discovered by XDA-Developers. Within this new code there appear to be options for users to enter and save information about their EV to their profile, as well as allowing the user to save payment methods for EV charging. There also appears to be options for the user to enter the types of plugs your EV can charge with, like J1772 or CHAdeMo.

These options obviously aren’t live yet, but XDA-Developers expect they will be released in the next few weeks.

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