Google searches for electric cars skyrocket with soaring gas prices in March

As gas prices reached record-highs this month, so did Google searches for for electric cars. With a whole pallet of EV models available today compared to just a few years ago, it literally skyrocketed.

With more and more pain at the gas pumps, consumers are looking for more fuel-efficient alternatives. The phrase “electric cars” reached record high in the US in March, according to Google Trends on Twitter.

People also tried to find how much does it cost to own an electric vehicle. This specific question was up +400% compared to February, Google also mentioned.

Record interest in EVs is caused by a combination of things. It’s a direct reaction to high gas prices, but on top of that, we have an entire pallet of EVs available today. They are offered by pretty much every major automaker and in most segments.

They are still more expensive to buy than their fossil counterparts. However, they are becoming affordable, especially with various government and state incentives.

Google searches for electric cars (Source: Twitter/Google Trends)
Google searches for electric cars (Source: Twitter/Google Trends)

While it is still expensive to purchase an EV to an average consumer, it is significantly cheaper to run one. Fuel (electricity) prices are generally about 1/4 of the gas prices.

There are no expenses for oil and filter changes every year and much less moving parts. Brake pads and calipers stay alive for much longer thanks to the regenerative braking, which is a unique feature with electric cars.

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