GM launches Plug and Charge at FLO DC fast chargers across Canada

FLO has partnered with General Motors (GM) to introduce the Plug and Charge feature at its network of DC fast chargers across Canada, simplifying the charging experience for EV drivers.

The Plug and Charge feature, powered by FLO’s autocharge software, allows GM EV owners to initiate a charging session simply by connecting to a FLO DC fast charger, eliminating the need for a mobile app or charging card.

FLO’s technology takes charge of the rest, from automatic identification and session authorization to billing activation, all without the driver needing to take any additional steps.

FLO’s innovative software technology that supports GM’s Plug and Charge is just the latest step in FLO’s mission to provide the best charging experience for EV drivers across North America. FLO’s vertical integration and expertise with remotely updating software to add new features to the chargers on our network allows us to deliver a plug and charge experience that moves the fast-charging experience forward.

Nathan Yang, FLO Chief Product Officer

For GM EV owners to take advantage of this new feature, they must link their FLO account to their respective myBrand app (myChevrolet, myCadillac, or myGMC), and activate the Plug and Charge feature.

The Plug and Charge feature only works with GM EVs with FLO’s Combined Charging System (CCS) connector.

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