Flo and VinFast Partner for EV Charging Across Canada

Flo and VinFast have announced a partnership to provide seamless charging options for VinFast customers across the country through Flo’s network of public Level 2 and DC fast chargers.

With the partnership VinFast drivers in Canada will have the advantage of initiating charging sessions directly from the VinFast app or directly from the vehicle’s navigation system. This integration provides instant access to Flo’s public charging stations located throughout the country.

The partnership with Flo, a Quebec-based manufacturer of EV charging solutions, goes beyond convenience for VinFast users. According to Robert Muller, Deputy CEO of Sales and Marketing for VinFast Canada, “This partnership not only gives VinFast users in Canada access to a nationwide charging network but also helps accelerate the achievement of our long-term net-zero emissions goal.”

Louis Tremblay, CEO of Flo, said, “We are excited to see more EV options for drivers. FLO will continue to partner with more and more automakers to ensure their customers fully utilize our network to stay charged.”

Flo’s Level 2 charging stations offer users the convenience of replenishing their EV batteries from nearly zero to full within a span of 8-12 hours. Meanwhile, the DC fast chargers, available through Flo’s network, can achieve an 80% charge in just about an hour. This blend of charging solutions ensures that VinFast drivers in Canada have easy access to efficient and rapid charging.

Regulatory filings reveal VinFast sells most of its cars to related companies

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