EVgo Autocharge+ adds plug and charge functionality for Tesla owners with CCS adapters [Update]

With Tesla finally launching the CCS adapter in North America, public electric vehicle (EV) charging network EVgo has announced the adapter will soon be eligible for Autocharge+.

Autocharge+ allows EV owners to plug in and charge, without the need for paying for the charging session with a card or mobile app.

According to an update on the Autocharge+ support page, EVgo says the new Tesla CCS1 adapter will “soon be eligible for use on the EVgo network and Tesla Model X, Y, S, S Plaid and 3 will be eligible for Autocharge+, adding that more details will be announced soon.

UPDATE October 18 2:22pm PT: EVgo Autocharge+ is now available to Tesla owners with the CCS adapter, according to the latest app update. (h/t: @samsonusmc)

In order to enroll in Autocharge+, EV owners simply need to download the EVgo app, add your EVs VIN, and if your car is eligible tap on the “Request to Enroll” button. The first time you visit an EVgo station after enrolling you will need to verify the charging session using the mobile app.

On your next visit simply plug in and start charging and your account will be automatically billed.

This isn’t the first time EVgo has supported Tesla owners. The company was the first public charging network to add Tesla’s proprietary connector to its charging stations in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 2019.

More than 600 Tesla connectors are now available at EVgo charging stations.

The company says it is the largest public fast charging network in the US and has over 850 EV fast charging stations in more than 30 states across the US.

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