The Cadillac Celestiq comes in at a whopping $340,000

Cadillac has decided to skip the luxury car pricing and is going for the ultra-luxury matching prices only seen on Rolls Royce or other exclusive brands.

We already knew that the Celestiq would not be the typical consumer vehicle. The price would always be north of US$300,000, but we finally have confirmation from the company that the car will start at US$340,000 (~C$453,000).

The Celestiq is being hand-built in GM’s Warren, Michigan Technical Center in the Artisan Centre area. Only six vehicles will be built at a time, and no two will be alike, with personalization being the focus of the car.

There are too many options to list, but let’s just say if you want anything, it will most likely be able to be changed or added. The customization is genuinely unlimited.

Under the hood, the vehicle comes with a 111 kWh battery pack and two electric motors able to crank out 600 horsepower. Range on a full charge is estimated at just 300 miles (482km) . In addition to that, the Celestiq will come with Ultra Cruise, the expanded version of Super Cruise, for its hands-free driving assistant.

Now we still do not have the release dates yet, but the Celestiq is set to be one of the most exciting vehicles in the 2023/24 production year.

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