Leaked email shows Tesla once again asking employees to help with end-of-quarter push

It seems Tesla is once again pushing for a record number of deliveries in the first quarter of 2020, despite slowdowns and setbacks due to the Coronavirus.

According to an internal email obtained by Business Insider, Tesla’s Jerome Guillen is asking employees to help out by delivering vehicles on their days off.

Through the end of March, we are expecting a significant increase in our North America delivery volume,” Guillen said. “To achieve our Q1 goals, we are requesting additional support from team members across the business.

The email was sent Friday to employees in Fremont, California, where the new Model Y is currently being produced. Those employees who take Guillen up on the offer will be paid overtime for their efforts.

With the first deliveries of the Model Y starting yesterday, and with this final push in the last few weeks of the quarter, Tesla has a good shot at meeting their Q1 goals and possibly setting another record for deliveries in the quarter. Tesla is showing impressive sales numbers in China, already accounting for one-third of all EV sales.

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