Tesla China projected to ship over 100,000 cars in September

Tesla China looks to be handling reopening really well. After the renewed Covid lockdown, the factory is expected to ship over 100,000 vehicles in September. This will be a significant improvement over August when it delivered an estimated 77,000 cars.

Twitter user @TroyTeslike revealed the September projection in a tweet. He pointed out that Tesla’s highest output in 2022 was in June when it shipped almost 79,000 cars. It was a massive 142 percent increase over the previous month.


With an output of over 100,000 cars per month from Giga Shanghai, Tesla can produce more than a million EVs in China alone per year. This means a 2 million car output per year is not an impossibility, with three other factories in the US and Germany.

Tesla’s output may further be boosted as the company is reportedly scouting locations for another factory in Canada

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