Giga Shanghai pumping out exports and filled Shanghai port yet again

Port of Shanghai

Although we do not have official numbers, it looks like Giga Shanghai production is going well.

Twitter user WuWa, who has become the go-to for Shanghai port videos, released this latest drone footage which shows thousands of Tesla vehicles waiting for export.

The last time we saw a video from WuWa, it was mainly Model 3’s waiting at Nangang Pier at the Lucaheo Port in Shanghai.

However, as you can see from the video above, it looks like this latest shipment will be filled with mainly Model Y’s.

The last time we saw footage from WuWa was in the middle of July. So, two weeks later, the pier is full again.

Tesla China is working on reaching a 3,000-per-day production rate from Giga Shanghai, and it appears they are doing well.

This is great news for Tesla as both Giga Berlin and Giga Austin have been slow on the uptake in terms of production.

As these new plants ramp up, Giga Shanghai can continue to pump exports to Europe and beyond.

We have not seen confirmation on when the vehicle vessel will arrive in Shanghai, but at least to say, Tesla is making up for lost ground that they faced earlier this year.

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