Survey says: Musk is not why Tesla’s are bought

In a recent study, Tesla and non-Tesla respondents note a negative view of Elon Musk, while an overall positive outlook on Tesla.

This study was conducted by Escalent and surveyed 100 Tesla owners, 100 EV owners and 803 drivers who do not own an EV. They asked a range of questions about EV’s, Tesla and the branding itself.

Respondents identified the top five attributes that they would consider when shopping for an EV. Those being: range, performance and acceleration, styling, build quality and the uniqueness of Tesla. While for EV drivers, Musk is the top detractor from buying a Tesla.

For non-EV drivers, Musk is only behind range and purchase price as deterrents to buying a Tesla.

This is an exciting result, as many leading automakers have been looking to replicate the ‘Elon Effect’. As per this survey, it might not be an effect that these automobile giants need to reproduce. Instead, Tesla designs and commitment to tech allows it to continue to draw in drivers.

Musk is certainly a polarizing figure, but he certainly has driven Tesla and EVs to new heights.

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