Giga Berlin recruiting 500-600 employees per month as production ramps

Tesla’s Human Resources team at Giga Berlin is working hard, currently recruiting between 500 and 600 employees each month since the factory officially opened in March.

The figures come from Brandenburg’s regional economy minister, Joerg Steinbach, who said at a press conference on Monday that Tesla is working with the national employment agency to recruit workers no longer needed at other German automakers.

Steinbach also revealed that about 10% of the 4,100 to 4,500 staff that have been hired so far are not German, with many of them hailing from Poland.

“The situation of carmakers in other regions realizing that the production of electric cars requires less people than they had in the past is helping us, because we are trying to bring them here to Brandenburg,” Steinbach said. (via Reuters)

As Drive Tesla reported exclusively last month, the minister confirmed Giga Berlin has been operating with two shifts since May 23, and that there are plans to add a third shift later this year.

The double shift gives Tesla 16 hours of production at the factory with the first shift running from 7:00am until 3:00pm, and the second shift taking over at 3:00pm and working until 11:00pm.

Even though the factory is only a few months old, Tesla is already planning its expansion. The automaker recently filed to grow the facility on an adjacent 247 acre parcel of land, the details of which were revealed in a meeting with a local municipal council committee earlier this month.

Tesla outlines their plans for Giga Berlin’s 247 acre expansion

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