Tesla outlines their plans for Giga Berlin’s 247 acre expansion

Tesla applied with local authorities last month to expand Giga Berlin on a 247 acre (100 hectare) parcel of land located directly next to the three month old factory.

Before it can build anything, the development plan currently in place needs to be revised to suit Tesla’s needs, a process that would require approval from a municipal council committee.

Working quickly, Tesla presented their plans to the committee on June 2, 2022, outlining what it intends to do with the 247 acres.

Last year Tesla purchased a rail line, with the intention of building a train station near the factory. According to the plans, the automaker will expand the current factory on the existing site and build the train station on the new land where there will be a freight yard and logistics area along with storage and parking for cars waiting to be transported.

Tesla also wants to build a new Service and Delivery Center to hand over cars built at the factory to new owners, and maintain them once they’re on the road.

Additionally, there will also be new facilities for employees at Giga Berlin, including recreation and training rooms, as well as a daycare center.

To help get ahead of the concerns from environmentalists, Tesla also said in their presentation that all of the new facilities will result in very low additional water demand and will have a nominal impact on the region’s water supply.

Tesla is obviously still very early in the process, but this is an important first step. Grünheide Mayor Arne Christiani has previously said the whole process should take about a year, meaning any construction likely won’t begin until mid-2023.

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