Tesla planning to buy 247 acres to expand Giga Berlin: Report

Tesla is reportedly looking to purchase up to 247 acres (100 hectares) of land in Brandenburg to expand Giga Berlin.

According to a report by the German publication RBB24, the land in question is located directly to the east of the existing factory.

The report, which said the information came from “official circles”, states the new land would be used for a train station used to transport newly built vehicles, and storage.

“Tesla had already announced in 2020 that it would have as many supplier products as possible delivered to the Grünheide plant by train. Completed Teslas are also to be transported away by rail. The group is now planning additional storage areas and a freight station for this purpose. This suggests that Tesla plans to keep the rest of its property free for future car factory expansions.”

According to RBB24’s sources, the purchase has not been completed and a price has not been finalized.

The land in question is currently owned by the state of Brandenburg. Tesla could pay as much as €13 million if state authorities charge the same price per acre that Tesla paid for the existing site.

But there are still some significant hurdles Tesla must overcome before any of this can happen, according to the report.

“In order for Tesla to be able to build on the site, the Grünheide municipal council must also have the development plan for the site changed. Tesla wants to propose to the community representatives to take the first steps in June. In the procedure, all authorities involved must agree to the change. The water association Strausberg-Erkner, which is critical of new construction projects due to the lack of water in the region, has to wave the plan through.”

If the deal goes through, construction could start as soon as June 2023.

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