Giga Berlin installs its first set of solar panels

Earlier this morning, drone footage via Tobias Lindh confirmed that Tesla installed its first set of solar panels on the roof of Giga Berlin.

The Model Y production line is up and running at Giga Berlin. However, the entire factory is not finished yet, and Tesla continues to do work around the site.

Starting the line in an unfinished building is the norm for Tesla.

The reason for this is Tesla can can continue to build the rest of the factory while producing vehicles.

The panels are in a west-east system which will provide power throughout the day. This is interesting as Giga Texas is a west system, and no one is exactly sure why the two solar arrays are different.

Other work on the site, as seen earlier today, includes:

  • Construction has started on the next parking lot section.
  • Giga Berlin installed air handlers on the drive unit building.
  • The factory added windows to the plastics part of the casting section.
  • The first piles are in the ground, where Tesla will expand the stamping section.

You can check out a video with some of the changes and the ongoing construction at Giga Berlin on Tobias Lindh’s YouTube channel down below.

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