The City of Owen Sound’s Building Division goes electric

The City of Owen Sound accepted the delivery of two new electric fleet vehicles this week. The Chief Building Official and Deputy Chief Building Official will use the two Hyundai Kona‘s.

Due to the nature of the work and high volume of travel (1,800 building inspections in 2020), these two vehicles met the requirements of the city.

The vehicles were purchased as part of a request for a proposal process that the city ran for EV SUVs. Three compliant bids moved forward in the selection process. The Collingwood Hyundai bid won. Of the three bids, two were from Hyundai; the other is unknown.

“I am glad to see the arrival of the first electric vehicles into the City’s fleet. This is part of the City’s ongoing efforts to improve air quality by reducing the impact of greenhouse emissions and air pollution,” said Mayor Ian Boddy.

The project, which saw City Council provide funding for two EV’s, also includes EV charging stations in two locations. Those being near city hall and at the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market.

This move represents a positive first step by the city to reduce the carbon footprint of the cities owned fleet. If successful, we are sure that this will not be the only EV purchase for the City of Owen Sound!

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