Ford is offering 250 kWh of complimentary charging at Electrify America for F-150 Lightning

F150 LIghtning
Credit: Ford

In the ever-increasingly competitive world of EVs, Ford is offering a small incentive for F-150 Lightning customers.

Ford announced that the F-150 Lightning will now come with 250 kWh complimentary charging through FordPass Rewards.

The free charging is at Electrify America ultra-fast charging stations.

Ford estimated that the perk would provide nearly three full chargers of the EV for the standard-range battery version.

The perk is only for retail customers and fleet customers will not have access to the incentive.

This deal with Electrify America mirrors the charging bonus that we saw back in 2020 for the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

With this latest deal, Ford joins a growing list of automakers partnered with Electrify America for consumer deals.

However, the Ford deal does put it on the lower end of Electrify America’s perks.

For instance, the Audi e-Tron GT gets three years of free charging.

While the BMW i4 and BMW iX get two years of free 30-minute complimentary charging sessions.

Currently, Electrify America has one of the largest public charging networks in the United States, with roughly 800 fast-charging stations.

By 2026, the company aims to more than double that number to 1,800.

It is unclear if the Ford deal will also be available to Canadian customers on the Electrify Canada network.

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