Ford is testing new headlight technology to help drivers stay focused on the road

Ford is looking at an innovative new headlight technology that will change our perception of headlights.

In a new video released by the automaker, the company shows off projection technology as part of the latest high-resolution headlights.

The system looks capable of projecting the following:

  • Speed limits
  • Navigation
  • Passing zones
  • Road signage
  • Pedestrian crosswalks
  • Weather updates
  • The width of the vehicle to assist with parking and passing

Ford did confirm that this is still an experimental technology, and they are still working on it.

However, as the video comes from Ford News Europe’s YouTube, we can assume the technology will land in Europe before any other regions.

Ford did not confirm what model they are thinking of debuting the technology on, if at all.

Although this is a super cool technology, Ford is by far not the first automaker to do it.

Currently, both Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover can project symbols onto the road.

Although the technology does not appear as advanced as the one that Ford is currently testing in Europe.

However, Mercedes-Benz is testing it’s DIGITAL LIGHT headlight technology which is a similar feature to the one found in Ford’s video.

You can check out the full video from Ford Europe News YouTube account below.

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