Ford forms new company in China to boost its EV effort

China is proving to be a vast EV market, and Ford wants a slice of the pie. The American automaker has created a new operating entity to coordinate its effort in the Asian country, as reported by CNEVPost.

Ford has registered a new company, called Ford Electric Mach Technologies, or FMeT for short. It is the first time a foreign car brand would form a new entity focusing on EVs in the Chinese market.

According to Ford, FMeT will develop an integrated R&D system for EVs. The new system will focus on automobiles’ digital experience and driver assist side. This will be geared to the unique needs of Chinese car buyers.

FMet will also tackle R&D covering batteries, electric motors, and controllers primarily for the Chinese market.

Ford currently runs a direct sales network for its premium EVs, known as Ford Select. It has 106 sales outlets in 43 cities in China. However, sales have yet to pick up in the country.

The Ford Mustang Mach-e, which was unveiled in China last year, has only sold 2,098 units so far.

Ford plans to open a Ford Select flagship store in Shanghai this year.

The Ford Mustang Mach-e has been received enthusiastically in other markets. Law enforcement and ambulance service are among the sectors that have bought into Ford’s vision for the electric car.

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