Ford to sell directly to buyers in China as Mach-E reservations open

Ford Motor Co. has announced plans to forego the dealership model in China, instead going with Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales model.

The plans call for the automaker to establish a direct sales network across 20 major cities in China this year. The company says the move will allow it to reach 90% of the country’s EV market.

According to a press release, the network will offer “an enhanced one-stop “Everything Online” experience which includes service appointments, pickup and delivery of cars.

The new model is being set up under a new dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) organization “dedicated to R&D, manufacture, sales and user experience of Ford electric vehicles in the country.

Ford Mach-E Reservations in China

At the same time, Ford announced it has begun accepting pre-orders for the Mach-E in China. Four different trim versions will be built in China, including the GT First Edition, with prices ranging from RMB 265,000-379,900. The Tesla Model Y ranges from RMB 347,900 – 377,900.

Ford Mach-E prices China

Ford EV Charging in China

Ford also announced a charging network partnership with State Grid and NIO. The partnership will offer app-based access to a nationwide network of over 300,000 chargers.

The company also says they will be the first in China to offer “plug-and-charge” functionality at 45,000 fast chargers, meaning owners will be able to charge without the need for an app.

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