Wait times for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y extend all the way into March 2022

Anyone about order a Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 or Long Range (LR) Model Y could be in for a long wait after they hit that order button.

In an update to the Tesla Design Studio last night, there is now a six month wait for both electric vehicles (EVs). Estimated delivery dates are now displaying as March 2022.

The new timeline comes just one week after the website was updated to February 2022, indicating Tesla sold out their monthly production capacity in just 7 days.

Wait times for other variants of the electric sedan and SUV are also quite long, varying between November and December 2021. The Canadian and US versions of the website are showing the same dates between the two countries.

Tesla has yet to provide an official reason for the lengthy delays in delivering vehicles, but it is likely due to two well publicized reasons.

The first is the supply chain issues and the ongoing global semiconductor shortage that is impacting almost all industries around the world. In the company’s Q2 2021 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk said the chip shortage issue was “quite serious,” but they have been able minimize some of the impact by switching to other chips and rewriting the firmware “in a matter of weeks.”

The other is increased demand. Tesla has been delivering a record number of vehicles for multiple quarters in a row, and is expected to hand over more than 220,000 cars in Q3 2021. This is with just Fremont and Giga Shanghai building cars while the company waits for Giga Texas and Giga Berlin to come online, hopefully later this year.

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