First Tesla Superchargers installed at Giga Texas

There has been no sign of construction slowing down inside Giga Texas. The first manufacturing robots have begun testing, and the first Model Y body was also spotted at the factory last month.

Progress is also being made outside Giga Texas. Almost one month to the day after they first arrived, 12 Superchargers have now been installed at the factory.

The Superchargers were first spotted by drone operator Jeff Roberts during a flyover of the construction site on June 2. On July 5, another flyover by Roberts reveals the Superchargers have moved to their permanent location on the east side of the factory.

The new Superchargers are not only important because they are a good sign of construction progress, they are also the new modular Superchargers. With this new design the Superchargers are essentially pre-built and simply placed in a prepared area for the utilities to be hooked up.

This process was first seen in Beaver, Utah in April, where an expansion of the existing station took only a matter of days compared to the typical process which can last several weeks.

You can see the full video below. The Superchargers appear at around 1:00.

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