Tesla Model Y body spotted partially complete at Giga Texas

Testing of the production line equipment at Giga Texas appears to be going well after a partially built Model Y was seen at the factory today.

The Model Y was spotted by drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer on the lower floor of the General Assembly building earlier this morning. According to Tegtmeyer, this is the building where production line robots have been installed and are currently undergoing testing and calibration.

With no equipment visible anywhere near the Model Y, it appears as though work crews deliberately placed the car where it is for the multiple drone operators that fly over the site daily to film it.

The appearance of this Model Y follows a report by Drive Tesla last week that showed that the production line robots had been turned on and begun testing.

All of these developments point to Tesla is well on their way to completing Giga Texas. Earlier this year they said they were targeting to start production and have the first deliveries of Texas-made cars later this year.

We should hopefully be seeing similar images from Giga Berlin soon. We received exclusive images last week showing the production line robots were also being tested on Model Y frames and castings.

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