EV maintenance costs are half as much as gas-powered vehicles: Consumer Reports

EV maintenance

If you’re an electric vehicle (EV) owner you already know there are very few maintenance costs required compared to a conventional gas-powered car.

In one year of ownership of our Tesla Model 3, we spent $0 on maintenance, and less than $278 on electricity to drive nearly 13,000kms.

Consumer Reports (CR) has now corroborated what every EV owner already knows – you only have to spend half as much on maintenance and repairs as compared to “similar gas-powered vehicles.”

In analyzing the results of their reliability survey data for the last two years, CR found over the life of a vehicle EV owners save an average of 50% on maintenance and repair costs.

Electric vehicle owners don’t need a coupon to get half-off typical maintenance and repair costs from their dealer, it comes standard!” says senior transportation policy analyst Chris Harto, who authored the analysis based on CR’s real-world data. “These savings are going a long way to offset the upfront costs for consumers.

The major reasons for the reduced costs are the electric powertrains with significantly fewer parts, and the lack of required oil changes every few months.

Another recent CR survey found Tesla was the ‘most satisfying’ car among all groups, showing the broad appeal of Tesla vehicles.

Those results also back-up the results of an earlier survey by CR, which showed that Tesla owners are the most satisfied of any car owner.

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