Elon Musk asks Tesla staff to ‘go super hardcore’ to hit Q3 numbers

Axel Springer Elon Musk

In a company-wide email, Tesla CEO Elon Musk urged employees to ‘go super hardcore’ over the last few weeks of Q3. The email noted that the company is looking to meet high production targets.

In addition, they need to make up for parts and chip shortages that limited production early in Q3.

According to the email reported by Reuters, Musk said ‘this is the biggest wave in Tesla history’, referring to the end of the quarter delivery push. Tesla posted record deliveries in Q2, but parts shortages affected July and August output.

This is not a new technique from the CEO. Musk normally emails the company to urge employees to boost deliveries in the final weeks of a quarter. Sometimes these emails hint at delivery target volumes, but this email did not provide details.

One thing that might help is adding the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery to the North American version of the Model 3.  Tesla’s China-made Model 3’s and Model Y’s use this type of battery, and can be charged to 100% on a daily basis.

The battery change allows Tesla to deliver Model 3s in Q3 that were originally scheduled for a Q4 or later delivery. However, individual customers will need to agree to the battery swap.

The email also confirmed that many cars are missing parts when coming off the production line. Whether it is chips or individual components, workers have been adding parts post-production. However, things seemed to be sorted with the production line, and vehicles are quickly coming off the line at Tesla’s facilities.

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