Tesla Cybertruck won’t begin production until late 2022, will hit volume production in 2023: Elon Musk

When Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck in November 2019, Tesla was aiming to begin deliveries of the electric pickup truck within two years, targeting a date in late 2021.

Just last month Tesla updated their website to indicate production won’t begin until 2022, disappointing many fans who were hoping to see the Cybertruck on roads this year.

It appears as though the wait is going to be even longer. Musk held a quarterly meeting with all Tesla employees this afternoon and revealed the Cybertruck won’t begin production until late 2022, and volume production won’t be reached until sometime in 2023.

The news was relayed by a source who attended the meeting and shared details of it to Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt.

The news is definitely disappointing, but based on how the automotive world has changed in 2021 it should not come as a huge surprise. Global supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on all automakers, which has already resulted in the delay of the next-generation Roadster to at least 2023.

Add in the supply chain issues to battery cell constraints and the fact the Cybertruck’s design means Tesla has to come up with an entirely new way to make the futuristic electric truck, and all signs were pointing to production beginning later next year.

Musk also hinted at the delayed timeline earlier this month during AI Day when he said next generation Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer would release with the Cybertruck “in about a year.”

When it does finally begin production, it will be built in Austin at Tesla’s newest factory, Giga Texas. The company is planning to open the factory later this year, beginning first with production of the Model Y. We already know the first pre-production units have been built after an image of one on the factory floor emerged last week.

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