Refresh Tesla Model S deliveries are about to begin in Canada, VINs assigned and final payments requested [Update]

Tesla delivered the first Model S Plaid vehicles in June, six months after the production lines were first shut down to retool them for the new design. Since then Canadian reservation holders have  been waiting patiently to learn when the vehicles would ship north of the border.

Tesla employees were mostly in the dark about the timeline, and the estimated delivery dates in the accounts of reservation holders were changing on an almost daily basis.

After months of waiting and uncertainty, it looks like deliveries of both the Long Range (LR) and Plaid Model S are about to begin in Canada.

Peter, a LR reservation holder in Vancouver, BC reached out to Drive Tesla this afternoon to let us know he has been assigned a VIN, indicating his car has already in production.

According to a discussion with his Delivery Advisor, his LR Model S is in final assembly and should arrive in Vancouver “in one or two weeks.” At the same time, his account was updated to show an estimated delivery date as early as this Saturday, with a date range of between September 11 and September 17.

Peter also received an email asking for him to submit his final payment prior to delivery.

Other reservation holders are receiving similar updates, with TMC forum user Kurius, who lives in in Quebec indicating he has an expected delivery date in his account of September 19-29. The slightly later date makes sense as the vehicles are sent from California and typically arrive in BC first before arriving in the eastern part of the country.

If you have a reservation for a LR or Plaid Model S and have received a VIN or new delivery date estimate, let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at

UPDATE: Several other readers have reached out to let us know they have also seen updated delivery estimates. The dates range from September to November, with the earlier dates appearing for those that placed their orders earlier.

UPDATE #2: We have received confirmation of the first scheduled delivery date in Canada. A LR Model S will be handed over to the new owner on September 24 in Kitchener. We have yet to hear of any confirmed delivery dates in Vancouver. If you have one, please let us know.

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