Tesla Model Y PPF kit added to online shop

Tesla Model Y owners can take an extra step to protect their vehicle with a new Paint Protection Film (PPF) kit added to online shop.

The PPF kit comes at the perfect time for Model Y owners in Canada as it is designed to protect the vehicle’s paint from snow, salt, sand, and debris.

Priced at $70 CAD ($50 USD), it includes two pieces of the protective film for the rear fenders, as well as a squeegee to help with installation. Tesla also includes step-by-step instructions to ensure an easy installation.

The price is a little high considering what you’re getting. Aftermarket solutions would definitely be cheaper, but there are none currently available.

A similar PPF kit was added for the Model 3 last year, along with an “All Weather Protection Kit” that includes mud flaps and splash guards for the front wheels. Unfortunately there are currently no similar all weather kit available for the Model Y.

Click here to purchase yours now.

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