Tesla now requires owners who buy multiple Teslas in China to sign a contract not to resell them within one year

Tesla Beijing
Credit: @JayinShanghai /Twitter

If a customer buys more than one Tesla vehicle in China, they are now required to sign a contract promising not to sell the vehicles within one year of the date of purchase.

According to a copy of the document shared by Weibo blogger @ID_韩潮 and reported by CnEVPost, the customer also agrees to pay fine in the amount of 20% of the original price of each vehicle if the contract is broken.

The contract applies to multiple vehicles purchased at one time, or over multiple purchases.

The new policy was implemented as a way to prevent customers from flipping the cars for a profit as Tesla is faced with extended delivery wait times in China.

According to the Design Studio in China, delivery estimates for either variant of the Model 3 are currently 16 to 20 weeks out.

The situation is slightly better for the Model Y, which a new order expected to be delivered with 10 to 14 weeks.

Those wait times are short compared to what customers in North America are currently experiencing. This week the base entry-level Model Y officially sold out for 2022, with delivery estimates now stretching into January 2023.

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Source: CnEVPost

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