Dodge phasing out gas-powered Charger and Challenger in 2024

Dodge will cease production of internal-combustion engine Chargers and Challengers in 2024 to make way for the automaker’s first EVs.

The company previously announced it will produce its first EV in 2024 under the eMuscle moniker.

However, in a recent interview with Motor Trend, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis shed some new light on the timeline to the move to EV. He noted that the company will roll out their first eMuscle concept car in 2022.

Then, they will produce a plug-in hybrid vehicle and an unannounced third vehicle.

Dodge is also moving away from the Ram logo for their eMuscle vehicles. The company will sport the Fratzog logo used by the company back in the 1960s and 1970s.

The logo features a split deltoid made of three arrowhead shapes that form a three-pointed star. The new version will be three-dimensional and include LED lighting.

Dodge will not only stop at the Charger and Challenger for their upcoming EVs. The company will also produce electric trucks, including a battery-powered RAM 1500 to take on the Ford F150 Lightning.

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