GM acquires 25% of Pure Watercraft, an electric boat company based in Seattle

General Motors has expanded its portfolio in the marine mode and has taken a 25% stake in the Seattle-based Pure Watercraft.

Pure Watercraft is an electric boat company that produces an all-electric outboard motor system.

The company designed the Pure Outboard to be a drop-in replacement for boats that would use a 25 to 50 horsepower gas-powered motor. The company partners with some of the more prominent boat manufacturers to provide an electric boat option.

Their outboards can be found on a pontoon barge, fishing boat and two rigid inflatable boats.

The company notes on their website that the Pure Outboard has a decent range to support nearly a four-hour 20-mile fishing trip with 15% battery to spare.

With the investment from GM, the company will co-develop and commercialize battery technology.

In addition, Pure Watercraft will integrate GM technology into a variety of applications.

This is not the first investment outside of vehicles for GM. Earlier this year, the company partnered with Wabtec to develop electric freight locomotives using hydrogen fuel and battery packs.

Additionally, GM is partnering with Liebherr-Aerospace to develop a hydrogen fuel cell demonstration system for aircraft.

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