Giga Shanghai Model 3 production rate approaches 1,500 cars per day

Even though Giga Shanghai has been producing the Model 3 since it opened in early 2020, Tesla is still increasing the number of cars rolling off the production line nearly two years later.

According to a source familiar with the factory’s operations, the production rate of the electric sedan could reach as many as 1,500 cars per day this month.

In August, the Model 3 production rate at the factory was at 800 per day. The new rate is also getting close to matching that of the Model Y, which according to the most recent estimate was at 1,600 cars per day in September.

The source also said the influx of Model 3s will be delivered to customers in China, which should help alleviate some order backlog in the country.

Even though Tesla reported more than 54,000 sales in October, only 422 Model 3s were delivered domestically. Given the current high production volume, Tesla will certainly sell more than that in the next two months.

The information was relayed to Tesla China enthusiast and drone operator Wu Wa, who in a recent flyover of the factory captured the Giga Shanghai holding lot overflowing with new cars and 36 transport trucks waiting to haul them away.

You can watch the full drone flyover of the factory below.

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