Tesla Model 3 police car begins trials as emergency response vehicle in the UK

In March we reported that Tesla had begun officially promoting the Model 3 as an emergency response vehicle in the United Kingdom (UK). Just a few months later the automaker has created a demonstration police car to be trialed on UK roads.

The testing comes as a result of the government Road to Zero strategy which aims to reduce emissions from emergency services and convert their entire fleet to electric by 2030.

A Long Range (LR) Model 3 has been converted for police use by Hall’s Electrical, a company approved to carry out emergency services vehicle conversions. It has also been decorated in police livery, and is outfitted with the optional 21″ Überturbine wheels.


If the trials are successful, the UK police would be joining the long list of police forces in the US that have already gone electric with Tesla vehicles. The cars have already proven themselves to be more than capable of fulfilling their police duties, and at the same time saving departments lots of money over traditional gas cruisers.

After just one year on the job, the Bargersville’s Model 3 police car saved nearly $600 per month over the first 13-months of use compared to a Dodge Charger.

The Model Y has also been a popular choice lately among police departments, with Spokane adding 4 of the electric SUVs to their fleet.

Source: Driving.co.uk

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