Eden Prairie Tesla Model Y police car goes into service

Late last year we reported that the Eden Prairie police department in Minnesota had purchased a Tesla Model Y for use in the police force. Just about seven and a half months later, the new cruiser is now hitting the streets.

According to a report in the Eden Prairie Local News, the vehicle was delivered to the city back in December, when we originally reported on the planning documents for the purchase. Since the company that converts their cars has never worked on a Tesla before, it took about 7 months to fit the car with custom equipment tailored to the Model Y, including an extra 12v battery in the frunk.

The Eden Prairie Police Department plans to use the Model Y for least 100,000 miles. Paul Schlueter, manager of the City of Eden Prairie’s Fleet Services Division, expects it to take about 3-4 years to reach that milestone.

Schlueter said he is confident the Tesla will provide costs savings to the PD compared to their traditional gas cruisers and also handle the often harsh Minnesota winters.

Although Eden Prairie was one of the first police departments known to have purchased a Model Y police car, other PDs have since added Model Ys to their fleet, including Westchester (NY), Wolfeboro (NH) and Snohomish County (WA).

While most police departments are now leaning towards Model 3s for patrol car use, it looks like the tendency up north is to go with a vehicle that is more accustomed to the wild winters we face.

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