NHTSA Investigates Fisker Ocean SUV for Braking Failures

The Fisker Ocean electric SUV is currently under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) due to reports from owners about braking performance issues. This inquiry follows multiple complaints regarding partial brake loss, especially on low-traction surfaces, potentially leading to increased stopping distances and accidents.

One notable incident reported to the NHTSA involved a rear-end collision caused by a Fisker Ocean owner who experienced a sudden loss of braking ability in November 2023. Eight other owners have reported incidents, with some describing the brakes as being unresponsive and saying the anti-lock braking system was not engaging as expected.

The car brakes are not reliable. They feel spongy and you can not adjust how hard and how fast they should be pushed down. In 2 occasions I had a closed call hitting the car in front of my car in highway.

NHTSA complaint

Additionally, several complaints cited issues with the Ocean’s regenerative braking system, which is a key component in electric vehicles for energy recovery and braking efficiency.

The investigation aims to assess the severity and scope of these braking issues. If the issue is serious enough, it could turn into a safety recall, and Fisker could be required to recall around 4,000 Ocean SUVs.

This investigation comes at a challenging time for Fisker, which has been grappling with lower-than-expected demand. In 2023, the company reported delivering approximately 4,700 SUVs globally. The Ocean’s launch had previously faced delays due to software readiness issues.

You can read the summary of the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) below.

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