Canadian Electric Vehicles gets big investment from B.C. Government to develop industrial electric work trucks

CanEV Might E truck
Image via Canadian Electric Vehicles

Canadian Electric Vehicles (CanEV) was the recipient a big investment on Monday from the B.C. Government to help continue the development of their industrial electric work trucks.

Based in Parksville on Vancouver Island, CanEV received $294,000 from the government’s CleanBC Advanced Research and Commercialization (ARC) program.

The funding will be used to develop the third generation of their low-speed Might-E work truck. The low-maintenance EV is a popular choice among municipalities, campuses, malls, resorts, parks, airports and industries.

Money will also go towards the development of a new medium-duty truck that will meet Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that will allow it to be operated on any road.

Eligible companies buying the Might-E truck can receive rebates through the province’s CleanBC Go Electric Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive program, including higher rebates for tourism-based companies announced earlier this year.

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