British Columbia doubles rebate up to $100K for commercial electric vehicles

If you are a business owner in British Columbia considering converting your fleet of vehicles to electric, the provincial government wants to help make that happen.

The Ministry of Energy announced Wednesday that purchases of eligible vehicles by businesses, local and regional governments, and public sector and non-profit organizations can apply to receive a rebate of up to one-third of the cost each EV.

To help industries impacted by COVID-19, businesses involved in tourism, like restaurants and other hospitality businesses, can get a rebate of up to two-thirds.

Previously capped at $50,000, the maximum rebate is now doubled and set at $100,000. In a statement, the Ministry outlined which EVs qualify for the revised incentive.

“Vehicles eligible for SUVI rebates include medium- and heavy-duty vehicles such as battery electric or hydrogen-fuelled passenger buses, airport and port service vehicles and heavy-duty transport trucks, as well as smaller specialty-use vehicles such as motorcycles, cargo e-bikes, and low-speed utility trucks.”

The rebates are funded through the CleanBC Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive (SUVI) and Commercial Vehicle Pilot (CVP) programs. As part of B.C.’s COVID-19 economic recovery plan, the SUVI program is receiving an additional $31 million through StrongerBC.

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