City of Parksville votes against applying for grant for their first DC Fast Charger


Parksville, a small city on Vancouver Island popular with summer tourists, has voted against applying for a federal grant that would help them install the first DC Fast Charger.

The grant would cover up to 50% of the total cost of installation, but some council members were concerned the city shouldn’t be the ones responsible to spend money for the EV charger.

I have a real concern about us getting into this,” said Mayor Ed Mayne during the council meeting last week. “Where does it stop? Who pays for this? We have no idea what the ongoing operational expenses are here. I agree with what everyone is saying. I think electrical vehicles are a thing of the future, it’s going to happen, I don’t see it being the responsibility of the municipality.

In addition to the federal grant, the city could have also applied for provincial funding, which would have covered another 25% of the cost, up to $25,000.

While the motion was voted against, some council members were in support of it, saying that the city does indeed have a responsibility to install EV chargers as part of their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The city of Parksville has actually signed on, in an attempt to reduce our carbon emissions we have goals in place that we’re trying to achieve on an annual basis, signed on by the city to reduce greenhouse gases, so I actually believe it is a municipal decision,” said Councillor Doug O’Brien. “I think it’s incumbent on us to follow through with that and encourage the use of these charging stations in our municipal area.

It certainly is disappointing to see a council so opposed to the idea of even just applying for a grant, which would carry with it no requirement to actually construct the EV charging stations.

Just last week another municipality on Vancouver Island, Saanich, received funding of $100,000 to install 20 new EV chargers in their jurisdiction.

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