Starlink customers on waiting list being offered ‘Global Roaming’ service

If you are interested in SpaceX’s Starlink but live in a country where it has not rolled out officially yet, you may still be able to sign up for the satellite internet service. The company has been reaching out to people that registered their interest about a new “global roaming service” that will make Starlink available in nearly all countries, as PC Mag reports.

Some users received an email from SpaceX this week about the new service plan, priced at $200 per month. The message says in part, “You are invited to try Starlink Global Roaming service, which allows your Starlink to connect from almost anywhere on land in the world.”

PC Mag confirmed that two people living in countries where Starlink is unavailable received the message. Both of them have been waiting on the satellite internet service since 2021.

Another customer contacted suggested it is SpaceX’s method to reach more people in countries where Starlink is not welcome. CEO Elon Musk had revealed China asked him not to offer Starlink within its territory. SpaceX also ran into problems when rolling out in Iran.

SpaceX wants to offer Starlink worldwide, but it needs to secure approval from each country.

However, part of the message about global roaming mentioned that customers outside the US might have to act as the Importer of Record for their Starlink kit, meaning they will assume responsibility.

Customers that sign up for global roaming can expect the same high connection speed and low-latency service. They will also pay $599 for the dish.

African countries are embracing Starlink. It has gone live in Nigeria and will soon power 500 schools in Rwanda.

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