Another Giga Press arrives at Giga Texas

Credit: @peterdog15 /Twitter

With the official opening of Giga Texas expected to be just days away, crews at the factory have taken delivery of another important piece of Tesla’s car manufacturing puzzle.

On Tuesday the parts to yet another 6,000 ton Giga Press arrived at Giga Texas, marking what is believed to be the fourth casting machine to arrive at the factory.

The wooden IDRA boxes with the signature blue coverings were spotted in a drone flyover at the factory this morning by Jeff Roberts.

Four Giga Press machines already outnumbers the number found at Fremont, which houses two of the casting machines at the north end of the factory.

The fact that one is arriving today will not impact the factory’s opening, as the Giga Presses that have already been installed can more than handle the factory’s initial production output.

While this is definitely exciting news, everyone is still waiting for the 8,000 ton Giga Press to arrive. In case you aren’t aware, that is the one that will be used to build the Cybertruck.

Tesla’s 8,000 ton Cybertruck Giga Press revealed in new video

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