British Columbia to get 126 new EV chargers, Ontario and Quebec 61

EV charger plug

A multi-unit residential and commercial building in White Rock will install 126 EV chargers. The chargers are partially funded by the Government of Canada and the rest via private investment.

The EV chargers will be located in the Altus Condominiums, which Oviedo Properties are building. These chargers will make the building the first condo to provide all resident owners access to EV charging.

Natural Resources Canada will provide $630,000 for the project. This funding is through NR Can’s Zero-Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program. This program has invested over $600 million since its inception.

From infrastructure projects to supporting next-generation technology, the program has been quite successful. This is further to the customer incentives that the Department also runs, which provides up to $5,000 in incentives for Canadians to buy EVs.

The Department also announced 61 new EV chargers in Quebec and Ontario through a partnership with SWTCH Energy. Like in White Rock, these chargers are located in multi-unit residential buildings.

The remaining $900,000 is provided by the Finlay Street Project EP. Additionally, the group looks to encourage EVs’ adoption in BC and provide space and infrastructure for zero-emission vehicles.

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