Sudbury looking into installing EV charging stations with help from Natural Resources Canada

Natural Resources Canada (NRC) has been handing out a lot of money this year through its Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

The program, which will cover 50% of the cost of installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, contributed $207,000 to the construction of 43 new EV charging stations for the Peel Region in Ontario.

Now Greater Sudbury city council is investigating whether to apply to the program to help install charging stations at city parking lots and other locations in the region, reports CTV News.

After declaring a climate emergency in 2019, the council adopted a ‘Community Energy & Emissions Plan and committed to having net-zero emissions by 2050.

To help reach that goal, the plan calls for all city vehicles to switch to battery electric, as well as to make it easier for residents of the region to make the switch.

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The Electric Vehicle Society in Greater Sudbury says there are just 14 EV charging stations in the city, not nearly enough to cope with the anticipated demand in the coming years as EVs become more popular.

City staff prepared a report on the proposal for the city’s finance committee, which if approved could be part of the fall budget deliberations for 2021.

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