Natural Resources Canada publishes Ford Mach-E range ratings, topping out at 483km

Earlier this morning we let you know about the range for the upcoming Ford Mach-E Premium Extended range variant which was revealed in a Monroney sticker.

It appears someone at Natural Resources Canada was reading as now just hours later, their Fuel Consumption Ratings search tool has been updated with the range ratings for all but one variant of the electric SUV.

The base model Standard Range Mach-E, available in both RWD and AWD options and equipped with a 68kWh battery pack, get 370km (229 miles) and 340km (211 miles) of range respectively.

Pay extra for the extended range option with a larger 88kWh battery pack, and the range gets bumped considerably to 435km (270 miles) for the AWD variant. The RWD variant with 19″ wheels fairs better, rated for 483km (300 miles) on a full charge.

The EPA website has not yet been updated with the new ratings at the time of publication.

NRCan Mach-E ranges
Image via Natural Resources Canada

The CA Route 1 RWD version has yet to be tested, but should be rated similarly to the top-rated Extended Range variant.

While the numbers for the Extended Range Mach-E’s aren’t that bad at first glance when compared to that of the Long Range Model Y (525km), there is a bit of caveat. The Mach-E comes equipped with a much larger battery – 88kWh compared to 75kWh in the Tesla.

Ford should be able to unlock additional range in the future, as the battery packs are actually 75.7kWh or 98.9kWh, but the useable size is currently limited to 68kWh or 88kWh.

Deliveries of the first Mach-E’s are expected to begin in the US next month, with Canadian deliveries to follow soon after.

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