Big December caps a banner year for Chinese EV makers

Three of China’s top electric vehicle (EV) makers capped a banner year with a strong December.

Xpeng Motors and Li Auto both posted a record for monthly sales, while NIO continued their strong year with over 10,000 vehicles delivered in December.

Specifically, Xpeng delivered 16,000 vehicles last month. The company, which Alibaba Group Holding backs, broke its previous record by 387 cars in November.

Xpeng had a big 2021, delivering 98,155 units last year, up 263 per cent from 2020.

On the other hand, Li Auto hit their new monthly record in December after delivering 14,087 vehicles. That beat their previous record by 602 cars set in November 2021.

The company had a total of 90,391 cars in 2021, which represents a 177.4 per cent increase compared to 2020.

Last but certainly not least, NIO had another strong delivery in December, selling 10,489 units. Although, they did fall short of their November sales by 389 units.

NIO’s overall numbers for 2021 were up 109.1 per cent, with 91,429 vehicles delivered.

These strong sales come as the Chinese government phases out EV subsidies. As of January 1, 2022, the EV subsidy dropped 30 per cent. The government intends to phase out the EV subsidy for good by the end of 2022.

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