Tesla applies for a CRTC license to become a telecommunication reseller in Canada

canada supercharger
Credit: Tesla

Tesla has filed an application with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for a Basic International Telecommunication Service licence.

If successful, it paves the way for Tesla to become a telecommunication reseller in Canada.

As per Mobile Syrup, Tesla’s application says it will provide the following:

Machine-to-machine cellular data service for in-vehicle infotainment access, internet access and mobile terminating SMS to wake-up vehicles.

The application also confirms that Tesla does not intend to own or operate transmission facilities in Canada.

So we should not expect Tesla Wireless to come to Canada to take on the big three.

It is not fully clear what Tesla plans to do with the license, but it could be related to providing Starlink services to vehicles in Canada.

Tesla’s application went live on the CRTC’s comment site on November 2. The application is open for public comments on the CRTC site until December 2.

As of this morning, there is only a single intervention on the application, a comment against it saying it will take money out of Canada.

Once public comments are over, the CRTC will either approve or deny the application.

The vast majority of Basic International Telecommunication Service licenses from the CRTC do not receive interventions, but we should expect a few as it is Tesla.

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