Nio ET5 rear subframe to feature die-casting technology

NIO unveiled their newest electric vehicle (EV) last week, the ET5 electric sedan. The mid-sized car will feature the company’s latest technology, which will help give it a claimed maximum range of 1,000km (621 miles).

Another piece of new technology used in the making of the EV will be die-casting.

In an interview following the unveiling, NIO founder William Li revealed die-casting technology will be used on the ET5’s rear subframe.

“We are using an integrated die-casting process for the rear subframe of the ET5,” Li told CnEVPost.

According to NIO’s website, the rear subframe is built using an integrated hollow cast aluminum process, which will help lower production costs and improve the specs of the ET5.

nio et5 die casting
Credit: NIO

When compared to the current welding process, NIO’s die-casting results in reduced weight (-13kg), more trunk space (+11L), and increased strength (+3 kNm/deg).

Tesla is of course famous for using die-casting to build their EVs. With their massive IDRA Giga Press machines, the front and rear castings of the Model Y are now two single pieces.

As many as 70 different parts originally went into making just the rear underbody of the Model 3.

Tesla is currently waiting to receive the latest iteration of the Giga Press, a 8,000 ton version that will help build the Cybertruck at Giga Texas.

Tesla Giga Texas completes first Giga Press Model Y front casting [Update]

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