Didn’t get Sonic the Hedgehog in the Tesla Holiday Software Update? Here’s why

One of the features included in the 2021 edition of the Holiday Software Update was a new game, the 90’s classic Sonic the Hedgehog.

Some Tesla owners were apparently not good enough to receive the gift from Santa Elon, and the game was mysteriously missing from their update.

If you were one of those owners, you didn’t get it because your car doesn’t have all the necessary parts to actually be able to play the game.

Last month Drive Tesla reported that the front USB ports in some cars could only charge mobile devices, and were not equipped to transfer data.

According to a screenshot of a message from Tesla Service received by Amy S. on the Tesla Model 3 Canadian Facebook page, these vehicles did not receive Sonic because the game requires a controller to play, and without the ability to transfer data, would be unplayable.

As noted in the message, there will eventually be a free retrofit to upgrade the USB hub, which will then allow you to download and play Sonic.

There is unfortunately no ETA on when the new parts will arrive.

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