Tesla working to add fourth production shift at Giga Berlin

Tesla is getting ready to add a fourth production shift at Giga Berlin, just over one year after the factory first opened. The addition of a fourth shift comes after the automaker has recently been able to fully staff its third shift.

The confirmation of a fully staffed third shift came from the managing director of Frankfurt’s employment agency, Jochem Freyer, who told rbb24 that with the extra shift there are currently around 10,000 employees at Giga Berlin. Tesla isn’t stopping there however, as Freyer also said Tesla will soon add a fourth shift.

According to our sources Giga Berlin is seeking around 1,000  employees for the additional shift, and hiring for these positions is already well underway.

A fourth shift would help Tesla reach its goal of producing 10,000 cars per week, or about 500,000 per year, a figure which has been the factory’s target since it opened in March 2022. However that figure doesn’t take into account Tesla’s planned expansion of Giga Berlin.

Tesla last month submitted the first application to the State Office for the Environment for the expansion of the factory, which would double the installed production capacity to 1 million vehicles per year. That growth won’t require new buildings, or additional water, an issue which has been the focus of environmentalists in the area. Tesla says they will be able to reach 1 million cars per year using the existing factory floor space, and not require any additional water by treating and reusing water during production.

Giga Berlin is currently producing 5,000 Model Ys per week, or about 250,000 per year, according to the most recent update in late March. That is ahead of Giga Texas, which opened one month after Giga Berlin and just last week hit 4,000 Model Ys per week.

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