Aptera announces Launch Edition of its tri-wheel EV

Aptera has revealed the Launch Edition of its three-wheeled electric vehicle. The company says the launch represents the first series of the over 40,000 pre-orders it has accumulated.

The Launch One edition features about 700-watt solar technology developed in-house. The PV cells plastered all over the car will yield up to 40 miles daily. It means it is possible to never charge the car from the grid, the Holy Grail of transportation electrification. Driving range is 1000 miles, although the company will apparently release a version that can do 1,000 miles on a single charge.

The battery, however, can add over 13 miles per hour when plugged into a 120V outlet. Owners can wake up to 150 miles if plugged in overnight. Aptera confirmed last year it was adopting Tesla’s North American charging standard.

Aptera credits the relatively long range to energy efficiency. The car’s shape, weight, and materials help to optimize performance and reduce energy consumption to the minimum.

The EV will be manufactured in collaboration with CPC Group. While production will start in Carlsbad, California, Aptera aims to operate eight assembly plants worldwide by 2028. It is targeting a starting price of $25,000.

The development is in the fourth and final phase, which involves crash testing and validation. Aptera plans to commence manufacturing this year and quickly scale up to 10,000 units per year and then 20,000.

However, one of the two CEOs, Chris Anthony, noted that the delivery timeline is based on funding. He added, “Our Launch Edition is our chance to show the world something that’s never existed before. Our identity at Aptera is about transformation, reinvention, and surprises. The Launch Edition is our chance to lead a movement that’s for everyone. We are solar mobility, and we are the future.”

Aptera opened an investment round last August.

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